New motorsport in Scandinavium C1 Racing

So many benefits and fun endurance racing. Welcome to C1 Racing club.

Same car make racing fun again

Citroen C1

standard production build before 30 April 2014 

car build 1 May 2014-2016 will be Class C1 New models.

the same rules in several 
countries create the opportunity
for many circuits and competitions.


Toyota's good 1.0 liter engine in all cars creates a fair economically good racing

All rules from england C1
Why make things more complicated. England has a strong car racing culture let's follow it in nordic

Reportage from Motorextra Klick Here 
perfect for both new,experienced 

Create team with Family, friends or way not comapany team.We will help you all way to start racing 2025.

Next Race Våler circuit.

Vålerbanan 4 August we run together with the STEC Scandinavian Championship Endurance.
It costs 300 euros for 3-6 hours all inclusive.
Registration takes place by email and this should be really nice with C1 class. Information about Våler just Click

Gotland 1000 Km 

Gotland ring 1000 km or if you prefere there are also 3+6 hour options.
Gotland ring 7.3 kilometers is the Nordic Nurburgring fantastic Cirkuit.
We have received a special discount price on the ferry and this is perhaps the biggest challenge for Nordic endurance this autumn. Book like always on Email. Price 600 euro for C1 Team Info about Gotland ring Click

Great Britain